Miss Bunny retired from the entertainment industry in 2008.

She is happily enjoying other pursuits.

Feel free to comment.

11 thoughts on “Retired

  1. I still miss you. You are simply gorgeous. I got to know your work in 2010/and have bought some of your less known scenes by The time. What are you doing nowadays?

  2. All of the years you have visited us in New Orleans, you will be truly missed. Just to have met you and visited with you was a pleasure. You have given me and the city very gr8 entertainment during your mardi gras visits. I know it was to get footage for your website but it was great just having you here during all of your visits. I hope your future is a gr8 and enjoy your retirement.

  3. I’m glad you retired your a great looking gal that looks extremely smart. I hope you’ve been happy with your new life.

  4. Sempre te achei maravilhosa! seria possível me enviar por e-mail uma foto autografada? não precisa ser sem roupa, é só pra eu poder colocar de fundo de tela.


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